I was not born with money in my pocket, a creative mind, or a healthy physique. I worked for it. Some people are born with all the resources they need. Which, in of itself, is a huge advantage. But you know what else is a huge advantage? Being born with nothing and having to get it all.

Now, I am not saying this to make you feel better for your lack of resources. I am going to explain why starting with nothing can be the greatest advantage.

“You will learn discipline…”

Your gift is a double-edged sword, and it comes in the form of mindset. Not being handed thousands of dollars, to start your business, means you have to earn it. As you go through this process, you will learn many skills. Firstly, you will learn money and asset management. Remember to “keep more than you spend” and “always pay yourself first.” You will learn discipline and sacrifice by giving up unnecessary spending and building new habits. With consistency and determination, your mindset will adapt to this new lifestyle.

“The more you can accomplish…”

These new challenges will demand more from you, and you will find the importance of self-care. The more you take care of yourself, the better you perform, and the more you can accomplish. This process prepares you for your future ventures. Whether it be business, sports, or life in general; this process will mentally and physically prepare you.

“Here is your advantage…”

Once you open your own business or jump into the boxing ring, it is game on! You will be competing with people from all over the world. Each with their training, experiences, and skills; willing to compete. Here is your advantage. You see, the person who was born with all they ever needed, never had to fight to get it. Now, because you had to fight for those resources, you are prepared. They never had to make every dollar count to cover all the expenses or wake up at 4 A.M. to get everything accomplished in the day. You started from nothing, had it all to gain, and nothing to lose. You operate from dogged determination, not fear. Discipline has molded you; life has taught you, and because of this you will dominate!

Let’s talk about hardship and struggle. The seemingly insurmountable challenge standing between you and all that you want to be. This test is your limit, your max. You have two options; either to push yourself past all your limits and overcome or to walk away and know that this is where your journey ends. If you walk away, it is over; you will not see what you could’ve become. However, if you stay and fight; you not only set a precedent for all future challenges, you are becoming the best version of yourself. By pushing past your limits, you are reaching higher levels of mental power and strength.

“I will be better…”

Higher achievers are always pushing themselves past all known limits. This practice is not done to achieve greatness or for some vain achievement. Only to see what is possible. “How much harder can I go?” I ask myself “is this all I got?” I am eager to put challenges in front of myself because I know that when overcome, I will be better. Again, this is not for some material accomplishment, only to see what I can do.

“I was depressed…”

There was a time when I was depressed and brought to my knees by the amount of hardship that I had to face. Born in poverty, weak, and naive; not handed any advantage. So, I thought. Until one day I said “enough!“ ”If I’m going to live in hell I might as well fight!” In time, the rage turned into discipline. I pushed myself past my physical limits, and I gained my confidence back. Once I was in shape, I learned that I could use my emotions to better myself. “If I can take control of my mind, I can take control of my life.” This action set a precedent for the rest of my life. No longer am I afraid of the hurdles I must jump. The higher they are, the more I train, and the stronger I become.

It all starts in your mind. Do you want to get stronger? First, you have to see yourself getting strong. Then you have to see yourself going through the movements. The vision helps you create a plan; the plan helps you accomplish the vision. Execution and vision are necessary for change. Both of these have changed history, and together they can change your life.

“Your mindset is your compass”

Want to make more money? Program your mind to make a profit. Let your vision guide you to creating a plan. When executing the plan, contingencies will arise. Use your vision to get you back on track and continue to work. Your mindset is your compass and your map. Your action is the ship that gets you to your destination. Your future awaits you, so set sail.

It’s hard; I know it’s hard! That slump that you’re in right now is difficult. It hurts, I know it hurts! It hurts so bad you don’t even want to think about it. “You’ll get through it,” they tell me. Quick, let me grab my disguise for the day, so no one knows I am broken. I use my mask as a tool to hide my depression. My main pieces of equipment, an empty smile; followed by a practiced laugh and rehearsed lines like “I’m fine.” “But really……. I’m fine…..”

Better than you know, let me break this down for you.

When your body and mind is in deep pain, heartbreak, depression; it is a call to action. Your body is telling you “Hey, it’s time to grow.” Most people try to hide this pain. Most people are scared to face their demons. Don’t be like most people. Your body and your mind are calling out, screaming, “It’s time to grow”! The call to action is there, but you have to decide whether you take the opportunity to develop or run. It will not be easy, but it will be worth it! Face your fears head on, persist with faith, and destroy all the negative thoughts that have imprisoned you. “I am not a victim.” “I am stronger than my problems.” When you do this, you will achieve greatness beyond what you thought possible.

What is the solution?

You want to know where the solution is. This world is filled with people looking for the solution. They look inside bottles of alcohol. They look inside prescription drug containers. They look inside other people only to figure out that everyone is in the same fight. Never would they ever look inside themselves. Inside of you, there is greatness beyond your understanding. You, my friend, are here for a reason. If you want to break those chains that are locking down your greatness, here is what you must do.

The solution.

You are the solution. Listen to your heart and do the things that you love. Live every day like you are on a mission to fulfill your purpose. You know why people don’t get things done? People don’t get things done because it’s not important. They don’t live their lives with urgency. They see a job as just a job. Oh and money? In their opinion money is not a topic to be discussed. Purposeful people see money as a tool to fulfill their purpose. Everything revolves around their mission to LIVE their dream. Do you want to come out of your slump? Look inside of yourself. Learn what you love, hate, and live for. The solution is inside of you. Use every waking minute to find that purpose and once you have; use the rest of the time you have left on this earth to fulfill it.

“It is in the darkness where it is much easier to find your light.”