What Limit?

Let’s talk about hardship and struggle. The seemingly insurmountable challenge standing between you and all that you want to be. This test is your limit, your max. You have two options; either to push yourself past all your limits and overcome or to walk away and know that this is where your journey ends. If you walk away, it is over; you will not see what you could’ve become. However, if you stay and fight; you not only set a precedent for all future challenges, you are becoming the best version of yourself. By pushing past your limits, you are reaching higher levels of mental power and strength.

“I will be better…”

Higher achievers are always pushing themselves past all known limits. This practice is not done to achieve greatness or for some vain achievement. Only to see what is possible. “How much harder can I go?” I ask myself “is this all I got?” I am eager to put challenges in front of myself because I know that when overcome, I will be better. Again, this is not for some material accomplishment, only to see what I can do.

“I was depressed…”

There was a time when I was depressed and brought to my knees by the amount of hardship that I had to face. Born in poverty, weak, and naive; not handed any advantage. So, I thought. Until one day I said “enough!“ ”If I’m going to live in hell I might as well fight!” In time, the rage turned into discipline. I pushed myself past my physical limits, and I gained my confidence back. Once I was in shape, I learned that I could use my emotions to better myself. “If I can take control of my mind, I can take control of my life.” This action set a precedent for the rest of my life. No longer am I afraid of the hurdles I must jump. The higher they are, the more I train, and the stronger I become.

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