In the last two years, I have grown the largest productivity blog on Instagram (@theproductiveblog). Our blog has over 70,000 followers and is growing every day. I managed to do this while keeping full-time employment, and of course, dealing with the challenges of my personal life. I get messages from people all over the world. Asking how a 23-year-old, with no degree, and no professional experience; can grow a huge blog?

The truth is, even if I were to tell you step-by-step how I developed The Productive Blog; some of you still would not be able to replicate this accomplishment. Why? Because the blog is not a result of step-by-step instruction; it is an outcome of purpose.

There have been many times along my journey that I wanted to give up. Everyone that I knew was going to college and earning their degrees. I’ve always worked hard in my capacity as an employee. I was always on time and willing to go the extra mile. But despite my willingness to go above and beyond, due to not having a degree, I was passed on many promotions. My situation reached a point where I realized that If I wanted a promotion, I had to give myself one.

I kept on working hard at my job, and I worked even harder on my blog. Knowing that sacrifices had to be made, I skipped family reunions and jeopardized relationships. I knew what I wanted, but most importantly; I knew why I wanted it.

It is this sense of purpose that has given life to my current position. I could tell you to “focus on what’s most important.” I could try to explain to you the 80/20 principle. Or the difference between deep work and shallow work. But the truth is unless you have a strong sense of purpose, these principles will be of no use to you.

As this post comes to an end; I want you to think about your purpose. Why is it that you do, what you do? I will leave you with one of my favorite quotes from Friedrich Nietzsche.

“He who has a strong enough why can bear almost any how.”

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