• Highly analytical accounts receivable (A/R) professional with a thorough knowledge of billing systems, processes,
and best practices.
• Experience optimizing the A/R function by improving procedures and controls. Proven ability to determine the root
cause of issues and recommend viable improvements.


Billing Team Lead Oct 2018 – Mar 2019

Global Facility Management & Construction, Inc. 6 months

• Manage, perform and oversee billing functions; assuring work is completed accurately and effectively.
• Demonstrate a high level of professionalism through a strong work ethic that positively influences the work
habits of the team.
• Multi-task and prioritize appropriately when competing demands and large volume develops.
• Maintain hands-on knowledge of all billing related functions to provide proper training, backup, and support.
• Participate in system upgrades and testing.
• Maintain reliable communication and interpersonal skills (phone, oral and written).
• Adapt and work effectively in a continuously changing environment.
• Review finalized invoices for quality.

Billing Coordinator Jan 2017 – Oct 2018

Global Facility Management & Construction, Inc. 1 year 10 months

• Distribute invoices to clients electronically based on the client and company requirements, via email or
invoice portals.
• Revise and resubmit short paid and rejected invoices.
• Maintain and update projects, customer records, and purchase orders in the invoice system.
• Follow up on missing purchase orders with the cross-functional teams or with the client directly to ensure
efficient invoicing processes
• Assist in researching invoicing issues as necessary, and provide input on internal invoice related questions.
• Create or update standard operating procedures for all billing procedural changes.
• Coordinate with the client services teams to ensure accurate invoicing (actual charges vs. quoted).

Billing Associate Jul 2016 – Jan 2017

Global Facility Management & Construction, Inc. 7 months

• Accurately interpret the client contract to establish invoicing requirements for varying types of fees, including
but not limited to; a fixed fee, time and materials, and pass through charges.
• Ensure accuracy and resolve any discrepancies discovered throughout the billing process.
Data Entry Specialist Jan 2016 – Jul 2016
Global Facility Management & Construction, Inc. 7 months
• Compiling, verifying accuracy and sorting information to prepare source data for computer entry.
• Entering customer and account data from source documents in a timely manner.
• Reviewing data for deficiencies or errors, correcting any incompatibilities and checking the output.
• Provide excellent customer service when answering the phones or returning calls after retrieving voice


Accounts Receivable (AR) • Customer Experience • Invoicing • E-invoicing • Analytical Skills • Interpersonal Skills • Accounting System • Billing Systems • Bill Review • Spanish

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